Interview with the Founder/President and CEO


1. What does the Nice in Nice Foundation, Inc. mean?

Often times, I am asked what Nice stands for (in Nice Foundation, Inc.) and to be quite honest, I have to tell them: “Nice is not an acronym”. The main reason for the organizations title revolves around stability.

Nice Foundation, Inc. is an organization with the aim of reducing generational poverty. As stated in an article in the Huffington Post citing the Salvation Army, 16% of Americans (roughly 49 million people) live in poverty. How can that be for one of the world’s super powers? Armed with a desire to reduce the percentage, I hypothesized that the realm of social services that gives solely on the basis of charity without the investment in human capital, further extends the despair. Nice Foundation, Inc. believes that strong networks enhance opportunities, making the vision palpable.

So, by now if you are still not convinced and feel that the Nice in Nice Foundation needs to “stand for something”, how about this: Needed Incentives for Community Enhancement…

2. How did you come up with the program?

Living 100 and 200% below the federal poverty line is not an option most would willing accept.  So why should I?  Poverty is a holistic issue that needs to be addressed with innovative ideas and backed by the suitable resources, time, and effort.   One of the Programs of Nice Foundation, Inc. is called the PiFIR which stands for “Pay it Forward Incentive Recourses”, the concept is simple: turn mentorship into a job that creates results.  The job of the mentor is to strengthen the network of the student to make the dream of: continued education, services work (i.e. Military, peace corps, etc.), or working with a livable wage after graduating high school possible.

With that said, NFIs main objective is to create/support programming that advances the stability of low-income communities through collaborative partnerships among community leaders, stakeholders and residents.

3. What is the purpose of Nice Foundation, Inc.?

The aim of Nice Foundation, Inc. (NFI) is to reduce generational poverty with investments in human capital. NFI seeks to challenge issues related to poverty and make the change we want to see through the collaborative works of community residents, stakeholders, and leaders.


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About Nice Foundation, Inc.

Nice Foundation Inc. (NFI) is dedicated to promoting community stability (for urban and rural areas) by assisting those investing in the development of low-income communities. The aim of NFI is to reduce generational poverty through the investment of human capital using preventive and reactionary measures.

• The preventive approach focuses on the growth and development of students: those entering the workforce in the near future (high school and undergraduate college students).

• The reactive approach deals with young and older adults able to join the workforce. Those who range in age from 18-65 defined as the chronically unemployed and grossly under skilled.